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We act as agents for the Following companies In Ireland and The UK, please contact us for more information or  to request samples from any of the companies listed.

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Iberica Spirit Kettle Chips

Iberica Spirit  are one of the largest manufacturers of pan fried potatoes with more than 55 years of history, They select the best batches of potatoes, and make them in large pans with a unique cut, they use the most natural flavours possible and  a three-layer bag that gives 12 months of shelf life to the product. Unique flavours in two sizes include Curado aged cheese, grilled chorizo, black truffle ,himalayan sea salt and spaniard ham.

Maletti Regnani

Maletti Regnani is 100% Modenese, and stems from the passion and commitment of Davide Maletti, whose family comes from Modena, who decided to produce a balsamic vinegar that carefully follows the traditions of his homeland. The company has its headquarters in Soliera, in the heart of Lambrusco area of Sorbara. This area is well-known for the fertility soils and for the production of balsamic vinegar – the famous ”Balsamic Vinegar of Modena”. The production methods used by Maletti Regnani emphasize the authenticity and quality of raw materials and give a naturally dense product. The Maletti Regnani Balsamic Vinegar has been awarded the PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) certificate, is a natural, unique and exquisite product and has no colourings or preservatives.

Chovi Valencia Spain
Chovi S.L.U. is a family-run Spanish food company located in Benifayo (Valencia) and a specialized manufacturer of table sauces and dressings.

Chovi is the absolute leading brand in Spain for Mediterranean garlic sauce “allioli” (>60% market share according to Nielsen data). Our flagship product is made in a typical yellow plastic mortar that recalls the traditional ceramic mortar:
Allioli is a typical Mediterranean garlic sauce that accompanies dishes such as rice, grilled meat or fish. It is also perfect as creamy dip. It is very well known all over the Mediterranean French and Spanish coasts since centuries. Chovi is able to offer an original tasty product in a singular packaging to consumers.

Casademont Spain

Casademont is the success story of a family: From its origin –in a small workshop in Girona where Jaume Casademont and his family elaborated great quality salami (fuet)- to become a leading company of fuet and butchery products, one of the first companies in bringing the artisan product to all homes.

We started more than 60 years ago, when Jaume Casademont decided to continue the butcher tradition of his parents and grandfathers – who elaborated fuet at the family’s farmhouse from the beginnings of the century- and opened in 1956 a small workshop to produce different types of selected sausages, especially fuet, our flagship product.

The workshop kept on expanding. In the 60’s, Casademont built a 2.000m2 factory in the center of Bescanó (Girona), followed at the end of the decade by another factory of 3.500m2 at the outside of Sant Gregori (Girona). In the 70’s, the heavy demand took Jaume Casademont to expand Sant Gregori’s factory to 25.000m2, representing a big improvement for the company at that time.

Since then, we have expanded and improved our installations along the years. Nowadays we have a 40.000 m2 factory and the experience of six decades elaborating fuet, which makes us leaders in the sector.

Alberto de Miguel S.A. – Conservas Emperatriz  Spain

CONSERVAS EMPERATRIZ is a family business of more than 50 years experience producing canned food. the company produces both seafood and vegetables in jars or cans in olive oil or brine.
Our seafood range comprises Tuna, White tuna, Mackerel, Sardine, Salmon, Cod, Hake, Squid among others.
Our vegetable range comprises Peppers, Artichokes, Mushrooms, Wildmushrooms and Mushrooms salads, Tomato, Dried tomato, Pickles among others .
We also produce MSC and Organic product
-Certifications: MSC, Organic, ISO 9001 and BRC.
– Private label available

Kaffa-Coffee Portugal

Kaffa is the legitimate heir of the famous “A Brasileira” Coffees.
A story initiated by Adriano Telles who opened his first coffee store “A Brasileira” on 4 May, 1993, in the city of Oporto, which would give rise to one of the most iconic coffee stores in Portugal and Europe two years later.

From the small store in Chiado to an approximate area of 4000 m2, a lot has changed,
Today, Kaffa is a young, modern and urban maker,that offers excellence to the most demanding “Expresso Lovers”a creamy and natural coffee that doesn’t use any additives
or chemicals in its composition.

Óscar Galvão, the current president, has consistently modernized the company
The direct consequence of this factor was the specialization of the manufacture of coffee capsules.A totally automated process and with a current production capacity of 500 million capsules per year

The Alternative Pizza Company Ireland

We are a gourmet Pizza Maker with a difference,All our Pizzas are handmade using specially selected ingredients from premium Artisan producers around IrelandOur unique dough mix is hand stretched with care to produce a light and crispy base,When the Pizzas are perfect, We blast freeze them and put them in a brown box with a unique label and we sell them in high end retailers In the UK and Hong Kong.

Remeo Gelato-Italy

An authentic Gelato couldn’t be produced anywhere else but in Italy, and that’s where after years of experimentation at Remeo they have managed to create a unique process of “mantecazione”. Remeo award-winning Gelato is made in Milan, and after each ingredient is blended together by their “Mastri Gelatieri “ each jar is hand filled and checked manually before shipping. This craftsmanship and dedication, combined with carefully designed jars, has allowed Remeo to succeed in creating and delivering the true Italian Gelateria experience in a jar.

The Nordic Soda Company-Sweden

From Sweden The Nordic Soda Company AB is a Norrköping based company that produces organic drinks under the brand Ekobryggeriet Nordic Tonic and soft drinks under the brand Dirtwater Fox Brewery.

Founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs Thomas Jensen and Marcus Nyberg with an idea of a Swedish organic soda. The range was soon expanded with tonic and a listing on Sweden’s largest grocery store chain came just after that which resulted in the Nordic Soda Company becoming the market leader on premium tonic and organic soft drinks in Sweden. Now exporting to over 14 countries they expect to produce 8 Million bottles this year.

Le Ferre-Italy

Le Ferre from Puglia is a leader in production, packaging and marketing of extra virgin olive oils in Italy and worldwide.Le Ferre is the name of a very ancient countryside in the estate of Castellaneta a prosperous valley between the sea and the hill where the land breathes the breeze of the Ionian Sea and the scents of the Mediterranean scrub climbing on Murgia. The century-old olive trees that are cultivated and preserved in Le Ferre represent solid roots; they are the essence of the work and produce, always authentic.


Gerialsa of Toledo in Spain is a long established company specialising in Mediterranean and Spanish products for retail and foodservice markets.

Gordal olives, red peppers, Pikos breadsticks, smoked paprika, olive oil, cooking oil, herbs and spices, white asparagus, forest mushrooms, piquillo peppers, and anchovy fillets are among a comprehensive range of products available.