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We act as a manufacturers agent for the Following companies In Ireland and The UK, please contact us for more information or  to request samples from any of the companies listed.

Arluy Spain

ARLUY was founded in 1988 when San Juan´s family sold his previous biscuits company, the famous biscuit brand called Marbu. The new factory was located in Logroño, at the Portalada industrial area.
ARLUY keeps its family business character consolidating the experience of 3 generations devoted to the biscuits manufacturing and focusing on technological innovation and products differentiation. From the company´s beginning, the goal is to develop products settled in the Specialities and Filled cookies segment in order to avoid the small differentiated market of basic breakfast biscuits.
In 2009, ARLUY purchased Grupo Siro, the most recognized two brands of the company, Reglero and Rio. These brands are highly valued and well known by the consumers therefore they complement perfectly the company´s products range


Makaros Edos Lesbos Greece

From the Island Of Lesbos comes  a truly unique Olive Oil

Since the creation of the town Agia Paraskevi (17th century), we own the olive groves and we are involved in the olive oil production. The secrets of olive cultivation are carried through generations, and today we find the techniques that are in accordance with the variety of olives, that were used many years ago. In fact, these techniques and varieties have their roots in the Trojan War times.

In 2012 we decided to create the company MAKAROS EDOS in order to introduce a unique product, representing the liaison between the present and the ancient times.

Borgodoro-Leonardo Srl

LEONARDO is based in Turin, Piemonte, the Italian Region of Chocolate. A tradition started in 1560 which has led Turin and Piemonte to become a major chocolate production hub in Europe.

We produce artisan made, high quality chocolate with our own brand Borgodoro and bespoke, customized Private Label products for our clients.

Quality and food safety are our focus, we use high standards for the production of our products, our manufacturing plant has achieved the IFS and BRC certifications.


Chovi Valencia Spain
Chovi S.L.U. is a family-run Spanish food company located in Benifayo (Valencia) and a specialized manufacturer of table sauces and dressings.

Chovi is the absolute leading brand in Spain for Mediterranean garlic sauce “allioli” (>60% market share according to Nielsen data). Our flagship product is made in a typical yellow plastic mortar that recalls the traditional ceramic mortar:
Allioli is a typical Mediterranean garlic sauce that accompanies dishes such as rice, grilled meat or fish. It is also perfect as creamy dip. It is very well known all over the Mediterranean French and Spanish coasts since centuries. Chovi is able to offer an original tasty product in a singular packaging to consumers.

Allioli by Chovi is chilled product. Besides the classic yellow mortar we also bring to consumers “La Brava” red mortar (a creamy garlic dip with chilly spices, ideal with potatoes, grilled meat and vegetables) and green mortar (allioli with fine herbs, incredibly delicious spread on bread).

Besides this unique and original product we are also able to offer a very wide and high quality range of table sauces (from “commodities” such as ketchup and mayonnaise to more specific sauces such as spicy “salsa brava”, BBQ, sweet & sour, hot & spicy or high valued salad dressings, etc…). All our products, either refrigerated or dry, are gluten free.

All this made in Spain with distinct Spanish touch of flavor, originality and quality.


Casademont is the success story of a family: From its origin –in a small workshop in Girona where Jaume Casademont and his family elaborated great quality salami (fuet)- to become a leading company of fuet and butchery products, one of the first companies in bringing the artisan product to all homes.

We started more than 60 years ago, when Jaume Casademont decided to continue the butcher tradition of his parents and grandfathers – who elaborated fuet at the family’s farmhouse from the beginnings of the century- and opened in 1956 a small workshop to produce different types of selected sausages, especially fuet, our flagship product.

The workshop kept on expanding. In the 60’s, Casademont built a 2.000m2 factory in the center of Bescanó (Girona), followed at the end of the decade by another factory of 3.500m2 at the outside of Sant Gregori (Girona). In the 70’s, the heavy demand took Jaume Casademont to expand Sant Gregori’s factory to 25.000m2, representing a big improvement for the company at that time.

Since then, we have expanded and improved our installations along the years. Nowadays we have a 40.000 m2 factory and the experience of six decades elaborating fuet, which makes us leaders in the sector.


Alberto de Miguel S.A. – Conservas Emperatriz  Spain

CONSERVAS EMPERATRIZ is a family business of more than 50 years experience producing canned food. the company produces both seafood and vegetables in jars or cans in olive oil or brine.
Our seafood range comprises Tuna, White tuna, Mackerel, Sardine, Salmon, Cod, Hake, Squid among others.
Our vegetable range comprises Peppers, Artichokes, Mushrooms, Wildmushrooms and Mushrooms salads, Tomato, Dried tomato, Pickles among others .
We also produce MSC and Organic product
-Certifications: MSC, Organic, ISO 9001 and BRC.
– Private label available

Kaffa-Coffee Portugal

Kaffa is the legitimate heir of the famous “A Brasileira” Coffees.
A story initiated by Adriano Telles who opened his first coffee store “A Brasileira” on 4 May, 1993, in the city of Oporto, which would give rise to one of the most iconic coffee stores in Portugal and Europe two years later.

From the small store in Chiado to an approximate area of 4000 m2, a lot has changed,
Today, Kaffa is a young, modern and urban maker,that offers excellence to the most demanding “Expresso Lovers”a creamy and natural coffee that doesn’t use any additives
or chemicals in its composition.

Óscar Galvão, the current president, has consistently modernized the company
The direct consequence of this factor was the specialization of the manufacture of coffee capsules.A totally automated process and with a current production capacity of 500 million capsules per year

The Alternative Pizza Company Ireland

We are a gourmet Pizza Maker with a difference,All our Pizzas are handmade using specially selected ingredients from premium Artisan producers around IrelandOur unique dough mix is hand stretched with care to produce a light and crispy base,When the Pizzas are perfect, We blast freeze them and put them in a brown box with a unique label and we sell them in over a 100 stores here in Ireland via our distributor Pallas Foods as well as exporting to high end retailers In the UK and Hong Kong.